C3 SA/NT Area Gathering April 12 2019

Dr. Don Easton – Thriving in Ministry

Burnout epidemic – 80% of pastors will experience some degree of burnout in ministry life

Signs of Burnout

Complexity and rapid switching of roles

Dr. Richard Deschon one of the leading experts on job analysis concluded that 64 personal competencies are required to perform all the required tasks of a local church pastor. He concluded that “it is almost inconceivable to imagine that a single person could be uniformly high on the sixty-four distinct knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics.”


Adrenaline see this Tuesdays post 

Three Components of Burnout see my blog //doneaston.com/blog

  • High Depletion
  • High Detachment
  • Low work satisfaction

Measure – self-test…

How full is my emotional tank 0-10?
Do I feel depleted?
When I try to sleep the motor is reaving high?
How many nights week is insomnia a problem?
Do I feel fatigue?
Do I sense detachment in key relationships?
Do I avoid people and meetings? Look for excuses to postpone, or avoid – pastors days, conference.
Am I negative towards congregation?
Do I feel stuck?
Do I assess my self negatively?
Do I sense the presence of Jesus in daily activities and ministry?

Ps 23:1-3 NLT

Two key prevention things – Dr Chris Adams –
A. A mentor who knows the signs and can say I see them.
B. Building emotional intelligence, becoming self-aware.

It was great to meet you today!


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