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Growing where I didn't want to grow - my waistline

Growing where I didn't want to grow - my waistline

Heading into to burnout, most areas of life were getting smaller. The emotional tank was emptying, effectiveness declining and connections were diminishing as I…

Don Easton May 27, 2019

The muscle of self-control

Losing self-control I didn’t know that I was approaching burnout but I felt the muscle of self-control losing strength. It felt like all the fence posts and personal…

Don Easton May 20, 2019

Learning self-reflection

Remember the nursery rhyme – mirror mirror on the wall…. Well the trouble is that most of us don’t see our true reflection but rather our experience is…

Don Easton May 13, 2019

Seeing what you can't see

How’s your ability to bounce? How is your ability to bounce back to the bumps of life? Stuck in a rut not able to do new things? Lost the ability to innovate?…

Don Easton May 6, 2019