Reminder: The Church Mental Health Summit 2023!

Hey there,Reminder: The Church Mental Health Summit is October 10. If you’ve been on the fence aboutregistering, I highly encourage you to be a part of this!The Church Mental Health Summit is a one-day virtual event for Church ministry leaders.You’re going to have access to tons of speakers (over 50!), including my presentation onBeyond Burnout, the real problem and a …

Reframing Perceptions  

Click through to read this article to explore how to help reframe a mentee’s perception of themselves and their circumstances with tips from God’s Word and my journey through burnout. Reframing a damaged perception of the self takes time and patience, but it can be done.

The Church Mental Health Summit is Coming!

Discover the importance of mental health in ministry and learn practices to maintain your own personal well-being as a leader with the Church Mental Health Summit. Join me and many other amazing speakers to explore topics such as global health, community health, church health, and leadership health. Registration is free and there is a replay pass option available for purchase. Click through to learn more and join us on October 10!

Why a Secure Identity in Christ Matters

Explore how our identity in Christ is framed by God’s unconditional love and how to help affirm it in others. Click through to read this article to learn more about our role in helping others to find their identity in Christ.

How to Catalyze Self-Reflection  

Gaining self-awareness is essential for personal growth. As a mentor, help your mentees develop this skill. Read this article to explore how to catalyze self-reflection in your mentee, using the story of the Prodigal Son and other tips. Click through to see how we can help you develop your mentoring/supervision competencies.