January 7, 2021


Who else has trouble with empathy and pride? I think the truth is that we all do at times. Sometimes we get impatient with the people around us, sometimes we don’t want to ask for help and we’re not interested in helping. We have…
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building a sustainable life.

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This time of the year can be especially stressful … especially this year. The holidays are already a stressful and hectic time for many of us, but a new layer of tension is added by the pandemic…will we be able to see our family? Should we see our family? There might be pressure to stay home, or pressure to attend

Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence under Stress

December 31, 2020
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Here is a benchmark of Healthy Christian Leaders: Display a modest view of one’s importance, abilities and strengths. How do they do that? By demonstrating altruism, empathy and curiosity, seeking to learn in all situations. This blog explores the practice of curiosity. When I was struggling with burnout, one of the things I noticed was a significant decline in my

Three ways to practise curiosity

December 17, 2020
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Displaying humility When I was two, my parents took me on the train to Alice Springs in central Australia. My dad was an engine driver, so it was a really novel thing for me. During the journey, my mother gave me a tin full of biscuits for a snack. I looked around at all the people on the train and

3 keys to humility

December 10, 2020
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What causes you to forgo emotional restraint? One of the most embarrassing things a parent deals with is a toddler throwing a tantrum in public. The good news is that most children learn they do not get the outcome they want and grow out of this behaviour. When leading a youth camp, I took car keys from a 18yo male

Five steps to gain emotional restraint

December 3, 2020
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Here is the benchmark: Healthy Christian Leaders self-regulate emotions. Being aware of the impact emotions have upon others, they take action to manage their emotions. One of the signs I was not emotionally well was becoming more critical in conversation. It became harder to hold my tongue—cynical and critical words flowed. Kindness was replaced with sharp bluntness. I found it

4 keys to self-regulate emotions

November 26, 2020
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Emotions impact us and others Emotions have a big impact in our life. If we are feeling sad, our work will suffer. Anger often causes loss of clarity and distracts us from the important. Fatigue is a thick fog that immobilises. Gaining an understanding of your emotions is very important. Ignoring them is disastrous. Giving them unfettered reign is likewise

5 things to moderate emotional impact

November 19, 2020
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No one intends to become emotionally depleted. It’s a scary place. I’ve been there and don’t want to ever go back. This blog helps explain what that place is and how to help others who find themselves there. If you feel emotionally empty take some comfort in this: “You will get better. Your tank can refill. You have a shepherd

When the well-being tank is empty

October 27, 2020
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What would happen if you hit another crisis? On top of dealing with COVID and the normal challenges of life? Would you go under? If so, what can you do to strengthen buoyancy? Yes, verve can be lifted. My big encouragement here is to find someone to help you build emotional well-being. That person’s role is to help you see

Is it selfish to maintain your emotional well-being?

October 20, 2020
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1. What level is your emotional tank? How are you doing emotionally? Is your tank empty, just some in the tank, or full and ready to assist others? Yes, I am repeating myself.The key to maintaining your emotional well-being is firstly to take time to regularly reflect. This is wise. You should ask this question at least weekly: what level

3 Keys to Developing Emotional Well-being

October 14, 2020