Six ways to Improve your Listening   

Are you a mentor looking to improve your active listening skills? Click through to read this article to explore how to be present and stay focused on your mentee, pay attention to what isn’t said, reframe what your mentee says, don’t make assumptions and ask thoughtful questions. Assess your competency level and get personalized mentor support and development.

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Professional Mentoring/Supervision.

I’m exploring how to become a stronger, healthier leader and person. Click through to watch a video that explains the benefits of professional mentoring and professional supervision. See for yourself why mentors and supervisors are key to avoiding/recovering from burnout and building better professional development standards. Click through to find out more!

When Money Changes Hands

Explore the impact of charging for mentoring and how it makes a difference for both the mentor and mentee. Learn how to be a professional mentor, the financial element and the mechanics of a mentoring partnership. Read my article to join the conversation and share your thoughts!