Research shows that 33% 1 of pastors report high to severe levels of burnout.

Mentors, from their experience, pour into your tank and help you to build sustainability, and minimise your vulnerabilities.

5 key areas of mentoring

  • How are you and Jesus?
  • How are your key relationships?
  • How full is your emotional tank?
  • Is your life sustainable?
  • What has the potential to stop you from finishing?

Mentoring helps you discover the sweet spots of life. The focus is on who you are, rather than what you do. In mentoring we take time to fill your emotional tank. What have you intentionally done this week to replenish?

Contact me for a complimentary chat about mentoring. Can I assist you in finding a mentor?

Are you passionate about helping others to also flourish? The most effective way is mentoring.

Do you want to mentor others? Being mentored is the best way to learn to mentor.

Mentoring sessions are often one on one, and sometimes as a couple. It works either face to face or via video connection.

Mentoring relationships are reviewed annually.

Don is a member of Australian Christian Mentoring Network