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“To lift buoyancy and resilience of Christian leaders, thereby enhancing the well-being, sustainability and safety of the community.”

Your donation can provide:

  • The expansion of mentors. Our aspiration is to deploy mentors who will train other mentors.
  • Development of mentoring instruments. Eg. the Health of a Christian Leader profile.
  • The building of a mentor community.
  • Mentoring for Christian Leaders’ in crisis. It is harder for a leader to find the funds for help when they need it most. If a leader is sliding often the enterprise is also sliding. Your gift can help provide help for those who need it most.
  • Mentoring for leaders in transition. When entering a new role or exiting, cash flow is often restricted. Both are highly vulnerable times. Your gift can help someone flourish.
  • Mentoring scholarships. Building sustainability and minimising vulnerability helps people to finish the assignment set for them. Your gift can make mentoring, training and resources more available.

2 Cor 9:12 — “The priestly ministry you are providing through your offering not only supplies what is lacking for God’s people, it inspires an outpouring of praises and thanksgiving to God himself. 13 For as your extremely generous offering meets the approval of those in Jerusalem, it will cause them to give glory to God—all because of your loyal support and allegiance to the gospel of Christ, as well as your generous-hearted partnership with them toward those in need. 14 Because of this extraordinary grace, which God has lavished on you, they will affectionately remember you in their prayers.” (TPT)

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