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Professional Mentoring/Supervision.

I’m exploring how to become a stronger, healthier leader and person. Click through to watch a video that explains the benefits of professional mentoring and professional supervision. See for yourself why mentors and supervisors are key to avoiding/recovering from burnout and building better professional development standards. Click through to find out more!

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Leadership Issues and Mentors.

Discover how to stay motivated as a Christian leader. This article explores the 64 competencies needed for pastoral leadership. Discover how to stay motivated, and learn how to find hope and healing in the midst of it all.

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Challenge of leadership.

Struggling with leadership and feeling overwhelmed by the challenges? Check out this article to explore some of these challenges and find hope for support. Learn how to identify burnout, ineptness and abuse and see how God’s mission can be accomplished. Click above to hear about the help available and get back on track with your leadership.

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Vision for health

What does it mean to be healthy? A difficulty we found is that there is no common definition of well-being and no way to quantify it. Verve Lead wants to create a way to gauge our own health to understand it better. Watch the video to see what health means to us!Discover your vision for health, take the well-being Q …

Christmas Blessings

Happy Christmas, everyone! We are so grateful here at Verve Lead for all our readers, and we are praying and hoping you all are having a peaceful and happy holiday season with your loved ones.  While being a time for celebration, Christmas is also a time of great meaning. It was the turning point in history; bringing us our savior …

When Life is overwhelming

When life is overwhelming, take a step back and trust in the Lord. Get a new perspective and remember that there is always light in the darkness. Find comfort in the story of Elisha and the Arameans. Read this article for more on how to cope.

Reflections from the Clergy and Congregational Well-being Conference 

I recently attended a conference at Duke University in North Carolina on congregational and clergy health in the church. It was an inspiring experience to be surrounded by so many people of different denominations and backgrounds, all united by the common goal of strengthening and healing the clergy and congregations in their care. The conference made me think about the importance of community and mentorship, and how working alone can feel isolating and futile when faced with the massive changes that need to be made. The story of Elijah in the Bible reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles, and that God cares for his leaders and is doing something beautiful for his church. Click through to read more about my reflections from the conference.

Grief in the Face of Change 

Previously, I announced our big news: Adrienne and I are stepping down as Senior Ministers of the C3Robina church. This transition has been five years in the making. I feel joy in the fact that we know this is the right decision. I feel proud of what we have accomplished in our time as Senior Ministers, and I’m excited for …

What I learned from Covid 19

A few weeks ago, Adrienne and I attended the C3 Church conference in Tasmania and then stayed for a week’s holiday. We spent a great day in Port Arthur with some friends, visiting a world heritage site that was once a British penal colony. We rested, explored Hobart and hung out with friends. As we were about to check in …

The restorative benefit of mentoring

Recently, I was feeling worn down. Covid negated many things I had planned and hoped for; family members I looked forward to seeing were unable to attend a barbeque for Australia Day because their five and three-year-olds tested positive, an already booked trip to New Zealand was cancelled, key appointments were postponed. On top of that, more people have been …