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For Assessing and Building Health

Well-Being Gauges

Track your energy depleters and buoyancy to build self-awareness.

Buoyancy Gauge

A simple and powerful tool in building self-awareness.

Health of a Christian Leader Profile 3.0

Track your energy depleters and buoyancy to build self-awareness.

Well-Being Gauges

Track negative and positive influences on buoyancy.

4 Well-Being Gauges

In the journey to health from burnout, I developed 4 gauges. These help me to grow in self-reflection, thereby building self-awareness, and importantly empower me to self-moderate. They have been integral to my sustained health.

Twice, these gauges have rescued me from slipping back into burnout by clearly showing the powerful link between depleters and buoyancy. These have a negative and positive effect respectively on well-being—on what I call Burnout Symptoms.

The cumulative effect of depleters is seen in an increase of sleepless nights, followed by fatigue and heart palpitations. This is my red zone that shouts, “Danger! Take action now!” That action is to reduce the depleters (where possible) thereby increasing buoyancy.

Buoyancy Gauge

Quick tracking of overall buoyancy

See Yourself, Track Your Progress

This one simple question, asked each day, is a powerful tool in building self-awareness.

Health of a Christian Leader Profile 3.0

Holistic analysis of leader health

Monitor well-being and establish a path to greater health.

The Profile of a Healthy Christian Leader 3.0 is designed to assist a leader in taking a clear wellness picture that reveals their way of functioning. Think of the profile as a helpful feedback tool showing who you really are and what you might overlook or misunderstand about yourself.

Specifically, it helps you to identify personal strengths and discern areas for personal growth and development.

Upon completion of this assessment, you should have a more accurate and realistic picture of yourself. The purpose of the assessment is to help you become healthier, which should enable you to better navigate your leadership responsibilities.

The profile consists of five core competencies with 25 accompanying behavioural expressions.

The Five Core Competencies are:

  • Vital Spirituality
  • Thriving Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sustainable Life
  • Reduced Risk

The Health of a Christian Leader Profile has been built on the mentoring method of Dr. Keith Farmer and developed in consultation with field leaders, Dr. Charles Ridley (professor of Counselling Psychology at Texas A&M University) and Dr. Robert Logan (Logan Leadership; author of The Leadership Difference and The Discipleship Difference).

HCLP For Mentors

The power of this profile is multiplied when unpacked with a mentor. This consultation strengthens self-awareness, self-reflection and self-regulation, helping you to acquire a more accurate picture of well-being and pinpoint areas for personal development. A mentor’s role is to provide further discernment, constructive feedback, and design and implement a plan for greater health.

Using the Mentor portal, Mentors will be able to track profile and gauge results of their mentees and access dynamic mentoring prompts based on profile responses.

Also in development, white-label organisation licensing — tailor the profile branding and phrasing to your denomination/movement.

Limited Access Available Now — Target Release Nov 2021

To request early access to the beta phase or to book a consultation, please reach out using the form. Proficiency training is also available to beta users.