Growth Track

Independent Study

Independent Study

Healthy leaders are required for our communities to thrive.

And so, there is a great and growing need for strong mentors to help Christian leaders to be buoyant and resilient.

In this stage of the Mentor Growth Track, please use our Tools and Resources at your own pace in order to grow your self-awareness and mentor skill.


Informal, Formal and Professional Mentors

Your Commitment

Own Pace


Building Self-Reflection and Commitment to professional development.

Tools for Independent Study

Use these tools to grow your self-awareness and your skill as a mentor.


Further resources for your independent study.

Further Study
Equip to Mentor Course

Currently in development, our Equip to Mentor course will provide effective training for all Mentors wanting to improve their skill.

Equip to Mentor will help you to unpack your Mentor Q results, enabling you to:

  1. gain awareness of strengths and growth areas;
  2. identify your growth points; and,
  3. aid you in forming strategies and actions that will move you forward in your mentoring practice.
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