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Lift buoyancy and resilience of Christian leaders, to enhance the well-being, sustainability and safety of our communities.


What if you could help lift someone's vitality?

To help them to be everything they were made to be, and do all the good things planned for them? Do you share our passion is to lift leaders' well-being and enhance sustainability?


Focussing on your well-being, assisting you to flourish.

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Mentoring Tools

Building self-awareness, self-reflection and self-moderation



Charting a course between where you are and where you're going.

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Posts to Help You Flourish

Chrismas is empathy in the flesh

Chrismas is empathy in the flesh

Beginning as children, we are often told the importance of empathy. We are taught not to push other kids on the playground, or take their toys because “how would…

Don Easton December 24, 2020
Three ways to practise curiosity

Three ways to practise curiosity

Here is a benchmark of Healthy Christian Leaders: Display a modest view of one’s importance, abilities and strengths. How do they do that? By demonstrating altruism,…

Don Easton December 17, 2020
3 keys to humility

3 keys to humility

Displaying humility When I was two, my parents took me on the train to Alice Springs in central Australia. My dad was an engine driver, so it was a really novel…

Don Easton December 10, 2020