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Lift buoyancy and resilience of Christian leaders, to enhance the well-being, sustainability and safety of our communities.


What if you could help lift someone's vitality?

To help them to be everything they were made to be, and do all the good things planned for them? Do you share our passion is to lift leaders' well-being and enhance sustainability?


Focussing on your well-being, assisting you to flourish.

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Mentoring Tools

Building self-awareness, self-reflection and self-moderation



Charting a course between where you are and where you're going.

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Posts to Help You Flourish

Staying Calm Amongst the Risks

Staying Calm Amongst the Risks

Keeping Calm to Reduce Risks When we were building our current house, we wanted to be on-site as much as possible, part of the process of construction. The builder…

Don Easton June 10, 2021
Burnout in the Bible

Burnout in the Bible

Bible hero experienced burnout Did you know that even Biblical prophets experienced burnout? The prophet Elijah suffered some very serious burnout after Jezebel…

Don Easton June 3, 2021
The Distraction of Comparison

The Distraction of Comparison

What makes you lose focus? If we know and understand our assignment (read this) then the best thing we can do is to stay focused on completing it. But as humans,…

Don Easton May 27, 2021