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Healthy Christian Leader Profile

Introducing the HCL Profile.

The Profile of a Healthy Christian Leader helps leaders by taking a holistic health snapshot. It gives you feedback about who you really are and points out what you might overlook or misunderstand about yourself.

You’ll identify both your personal strengths and areas for personal growth and development.

Upon completion of this assessment, you should have a more accurate and realistic picture of yourself. This picture can help you become healthier and navigate your leadership responsibilities.

The Core Competencies Measured are: Vital Spirituality • Thriving Relationships • Emotional Intelligence • Sustainable Life • Reduced Risk.

How to use the profile.

We recommend a two-step discernment process:

1. Fill out the profile: Select the phrase you most identify with. Don’t overthink your response. Jump in and keep going. Take notes/screenshots of responses you want to reflect on.

2. Review with your mentor: A copy of your profile will be shared with your mentor to deepen discernment.

Ok, let’s start the profile.

Further information about the profile.

The two-part discernment process.

The Profile of a Healthy Christian Leader relies on a two-part discernment process that serves as a pathway to better health.

Firstly, the profile uses a three-level rating scale: High (H), Medium (M), and Low (L). The scale enables you to determine your standing on each of the behavioural expressions. You should select the level with which you most identify. In making this determination, you should be as honest with yourself as possible.

Secondly, the profile can be used in consultation with a mentor. The role of a mentor in deepening the discernment can be truly invaluable. A mentor can provide constructive feedback–both positive and negative–and help you design and implement a development plan that pinpoints areas for your growth. Overall, this consultation through mentorship strengthens your self-awareness, self-reflection and provides you with helpful action steps.

On completion, we will give you some feedback that will help you discover and explore key issues, develop your reflection skills and self-awareness, and build ownership for change according to your current capacity.


The 5 core competencies are based on the mentoring method of Dr. Keith Farmer. Logan Leadership consultants provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the profile development process. Special thanks go to Dr. Charles Ridley, professor of Counselling Psychology at Texas A&M University and Dr. Robert Logan, author of The Leadership Difference and The Discipleship Difference.

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