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Click through to explore how to effectively engage with people from different cultures and contexts. I’ve learned what it takes to ask the right questions, make cultural compromises and understand the importance of meeting the community where they are.

3 Tips for Navigating Cultural Differences in Mentoring/Supervision

July 13, 2023
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Supervisee-Client Relationship Focused Perspective  Today, we continue our series on the Seven Perspectives for Professional Supervisors, looking at Perspective Three; the relationship between the Supervisee and the Client. So far, we have focused on each individually and how they may perceive each other. Perspective Three concerns the relationship between these two individuals.  The difference between this and the first two

The Seven Perspectives: Perspective Three

September 1, 2022
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In any relationship there are mistakes made on both sides. As human beings we aren’t perfect; we can let our insecurities, fears, irritations and anger get the better of us at some point or another, causing hurt to others. Inevitably, the people around us will harm us and we will harm them. Since there is no going back in time,

Apologies and Forgiveness

July 21, 2022
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Here at Verve Lead, we are excited to be starting a new series exploring the profile of a healthy  Christian well-being mentor. This profile is centred around living a holistically healthy life that supports healthy well-being mentors. Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, or even simply considering the benefits of finding a well-being mentor for your life, this

Christian Well-being Mentor 

February 24, 2022