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When resilience is damaged One of the most disturbing feelings in burnout is that of numbness. Colour faded from life. Everything turned gray. It was as if the tune had become the constant hum of a sole note. I became numb to the good things of life, physically, emotionally and relationally. This made me look for greater stimulation. Nothing seemed

Resilience; the key indicator of burnout.

April 22, 2019
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Adrenaline: the friend Adrenaline is a hormone that our body produces in response to stress. In a moment of danger, it kicks in to help us navigate to a place of safety. In this way it is a very helpful friend. Yesterday, I saw my cat playing with a meter (three foot) brown snake—one of the most poisonous types in

Adrenaline: friend or foe

April 15, 2019
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What are the margins that you are happy to live with? Margins are buffers we build to resource our life journey. They act like a shock absorber when you hit one of the bumps in life. Can you absorb the bumps? I used to live with low margins of time and money. The pressure of life and busyness I placed

Absorbing the bumps of life

April 8, 2019
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3 secrets of buoyancy (I used to hate Mondays)—Reflect, Refocus, Replenish, So Mondays have become one of the best days of my week. I look forward to Mondays like I look forward to a great meal with great friends. I know my tank will be filling. Who fills your tank During the process of recovery from burnout, I was asked,

3/3 secret of buoyancy —Replenish

April 1, 2019