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April 2019

One thing you lose when you lose resilience and what you gain when you find it.

Resilience is not only the ability to absorb the shocks we encounter. It is more than adapting or being able […]

Don Easton April 29, 2019

Resilience; the key indicator of burnout.

When resilience is damaged One of the most disturbing feelings in burnout is that of numbness. Colour faded from life. […]

Don Easton April 22, 2019
Adrenaline: friend or foe

Adrenaline: friend or foe

Adrenaline: the friend Adrenaline is a hormone that our body produces in response to stress. In a moment of danger, […]

Don Easton April 15, 2019
Absorbing the bumps of life

Absorbing the bumps of life

What are the margins that you are happy to live with? Margins are buffers we build to resource our life […]

Don Easton April 8, 2019
3/3 secret of buoyancy —Replenish

3/3 secret of buoyancy —Replenish

3 secrets of buoyancy (I used to hate Mondays)—Reflect, Refocus, Replenish, So Mondays have become one of the best days […]

Don Easton April 1, 2019