Four Questions to Help Understand what God Wants for You

Have you ever finished a session with a mentee or supervisee and were left feeling that something was wrong? That something they said was not aligned with what God wants for them? It can be difficult to see behaviours or attitudes in your mentees or supervisees that you recognise as unbiblical and unhealthy for their lives but it also allows for the opportunity for you to provide some insight and, hopefully, help correct their path forward.

Reframing Perceptions  

Click through to read this article to explore how to help reframe a mentee’s perception of themselves and their circumstances with tips from God’s Word and my journey through burnout. Reframing a damaged perception of the self takes time and patience, but it can be done.

The restorative benefit of mentoring

Recently, I was feeling worn down. Covid negated many things I had planned and hoped for; family members I looked forward to seeing were unable to attend a barbeque for Australia Day because their five and three-year-olds tested positive, an already booked trip to New Zealand was cancelled, key appointments were postponed. On top of that, more people have been …