January 28, 2020

My spouse is going through burnout: part 1.

Being the spouse of a person going through burnout has its own difficulties. (Today’s guest blogger is my wife Adrienne. In Aug 2019 we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. I am proud to say Adrienne is editor of these blogs. See her article on…
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building a sustainable life.

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Back when Don and I met, long before the internet and its immediate correspondence, we wrote a letter to each other once a week. Later, letters became tagged ‘snail mail’, partly because of the time it took to travel to its destination and partly because, if it lay in a damp letterbox overnight, the snails would eat holes and leave

How I Became Don’s Editor: Adrienne Easton

January 23, 2020
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The challenge of re-entry Coming back from holidays can be a challenge. Your heart and head have been in a different zone. Especially, if you have had a good one you will have unplugged and it takes some adjustment to re-enter. One big tip to reduce re-entry heat is to allow some time for reflection and refocus. Clarification you gain

Tough being back from holidays?

January 21, 2020
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Today’s video blog is with Dr Bob Logan of Logan Leadership. As a Fuller D.Min student studying church planting in 1987, I read his manual on church planting. It was a great help for church planting in 1988 when I came to the Gold Coast. I renewed the connection more recently in the Fuller class “Transforming your leadership development”. The

Power of reflection – the key to longevity

January 9, 2020
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In today’s video blog, I am chatting with Ps Joe Martin, church planter and founder of C3 Church Trinity, Dallas TX. Ps Joe shares his keys to 32 years in ministry. Have a listen to his thoughts on the keys of perseverance and who you surround yourself with. Who do you surround yourself with? Who mentors you? Joe is a

Longevity – Ps Joe Martin

January 2, 2020