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Emotions impact us and others Emotions have a big impact in our life. If we are feeling sad, our work will suffer. Anger often causes loss of clarity and distracts us from the important. Fatigue is a thick fog that immobilises. Gaining an understanding of your emotions is very important. Ignoring them is disastrous. Giving them unfettered reign is likewise

5 things to moderate emotional impact

November 19, 2020
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So grateful for friends Recently we had a family tragedy. James our grandson died in childbirth. (You can read about some of the journey here: Link to blog) We were all heartbroken. One of the key things that have helped/is helping us journey through the grief is our friends; friends who called and friends who came over, people who reached

Friendships – the antidote to loneliness

November 22, 2019
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Remove the shame I was embarrassed to admit that I was moderately depressed. It was much easier to admit to high stress and low anxiety in my burnout. It felt ok to acknowledge the high stress, as it came with a false badge of honour awarded by a busy life. My embarrassment over depression came from a wrong understanding of

Let’s remove the stigma from depression.

September 19, 2019
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As we came to the six-week mark of James’ passing, it seemed that life is returning to normal. I am grateful that people still ask how are you doing? While I recognise that sometimes I am not doing well, I’m grateful to be able to say, that most of the time I am doing ok. I often answer, “The time

Returning to normality from grief

July 15, 2019