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Nick Burns wrote this blog. He has just joined our team as a mentor and professional supervisor. He brings a wealth of experience in Christian leadership and his authentic judgement freestyle enables reflection, growth and personal development. Nick joining our team helps us expand our service in professional supervision. His addition to our team is a blessing. Nick writes….. Over

Professional Supervision: An opportunity for support

January 20, 2022
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The two most common stressors There are many roads in our life that lead to stress. Work, relationships, personal goals… all of these things naturally come with some road bumps and road bumps usually lead to some stress. We often can’t control when stress comes into our lives, but it’s normal to experience stress now and then and there are

Two big stressors you need to know about

March 18, 2021
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Stress and sleep There are lots of reasons that you might not be sleeping; lack of exercise, irregular schedules, too much screen time or too much caffeine…all of these things can all affect your sleep. But nothing keeps you up when you should be sleeping like stress. One of the symptoms I listed in my first visit to the doctor

Is stress affecting my sleep?

March 11, 2021
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Understanding your stress? Something that many people don’t realize about stress is that it’s like a snowball rolling down a hill, which begins with just a small and manageable handful of frozen water. But then more and more snow clings to the original ball until suddenly, you have a very large, very cold boulder of snow to contend with. And

Becoming aware of your stress

February 25, 2021
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This time of the year can be especially stressful … especially this year. The holidays are already a stressful and hectic time for many of us, but a new layer of tension is added by the pandemic…will we be able to see our family? Should we see our family? There might be pressure to stay home, or pressure to attend

Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence under Stress

December 31, 2020
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Once I thought it was weak people who burn out. I am ashamed of my ignorance. Now I understand that success is the prelude to burnout. Pace and Pressure A motor burns out through excessive use. People are the same. It is the ones who want to make a difference, those with drive and determination, that are prone to burnout.

Success, the Prelude to Burnout

September 6, 2018