February 3, 2022

Restoration During Covid 

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Previously – Covid’s Toll

In our last blog, we began looking at the toll that Covid has taken on us over the last few years. For many of us the uncertainty and anxiety that struck us on day one are still very much there, but now we are also burnt out from months and months of this stress, especially with the omicron variant spreading faster than we can prevent. 

Over Christmas, Adrienne and I traveled to South Australia to visit my brother. However, because Adalaide was a Covid hotspot, we had to stay longer than we planned to avoid quarantine when we got home. In Queensland, the number of Covid cases were off the charts. The joy from seeing our family was weighed with the impact and anxiety of Covid. Once we returned home, I found myself feeling less invigorated and restored from our trip than I should. The stresses of Covid had me wanting a second holiday. 

All aspects of life have a little bit of bad mixed in with the good, and right now, the bad may feel like it’s taking over. These are the moments where we begin to feel fearful, hopeless and depressed. Last week, we looked at reflecting on the effects of Covid to better understand our emotional health, but once we see where we are, how do we begin to restore ourselves in the midst of the ongoing stresses Covid causes? 

Often, lifting depression and anxiety begins with shifting our own perspective. There are many things we can’t change about the world, but we can focus on changing the things that we have the power to change.


It can be so helpful to find a sense of motivation and purpose. What gets you up in the morning? Where do you find significance in your daily life? What fuels your long term goals?


Even when our lives feel chaotic and dark, honing in on the things we are thankful for can make the world feel more manageable and meaningful. Pay attention to the relationships in your life that make the world more beautiful. Thank the Lord for little things like a delicious breakfast, a nice area to take a walk, technology to connect us with distant loved ones. Find something about yourself that you value; are you empathetic? A hard worker? A creative problem solver?


As for the things that aren’t in your control, you can rest in knowing that our God is at work. Our God loves and values each and everyone one of us. We are significant to Him and He has a plan for us. Where have you seen God at work in your life? Express your gratitude for these times.


You can also check your overall health with our Health of a Christian Leader. Restoration is enhanced in sessions with a well-being mentor or professional supervisor. Take the profile and select one of our mentors for a complementary health assessment feedback session.  

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