October 21, 2021

Discovering my identity in God’s Eyes

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Who am I in Christ?

While recovering from burnout, I discovered that the picture I had of myself was different from God’s picture. I didn’t realise that my outlook was so distorted compared to God’s view. With this, I wanted to start seeing myself as God did.

So, I went back to this Bible verse:

1 John 3:1 “See what love the Father has given to Don that he should be called a child of God, and this is who he is.”

At that point, I started to wonder…“Who am I? What’s my identity?” 

I could see that there was a tremendous gap between what I was feeling and perceiving about myself and what God saw. In an attempt to bridge this gap, I read 1 John 3:1 every morning to affirm God’s picture of me. Gradually, I understood that my identity in God isn’t based on the amount of time that I spend reading or praying. Conversely, it is based on what God has done for me. 

Healing Derives from Acceptance

Starting with that single verse helped to reform and reshape who I am. After, I discovered five more Bible verses that speak about my identity in Christ. I came to a place of healing based on acceptance of my God-given identity. There was no sense of having to perform. However, out of gratitude, love and renewed energy, I could once again share God’s word with others. 

Upon understanding the image God has of you, you will gain the self-confidence and affirmation you deserve as a child of God.

Reflection questions:

  • Which Bible verses speak to you about who you are in Christ?
  • Is there a gap between God’s plan for your life and your own plan?
  • Are you confident within the identity you create or the one God has bestowed upon you?

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