October 28, 2021

How Strong is your Connection with God?

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To Hear God

In order to connect with God on a regular basis we need to position ourselves to hear and accept his words. We often assume this means dedicating time for prayer once a day and reading the Bible. Yes, this is the place to begin—quietly praying and reading. But there are other helpful things we can do to gain the best from these times.

Cancel your Distractions

Sometimes, we may feel that we are just not connecting with God on a spiritual level. Perhaps, we can’t tune out the distracting noise: a simple solution may be noise cancelling headphones. A great tip is to select the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button on your phone. Other distractions can come in the form of responsibilities, technology, and even personal desires. 

God’s Message Lies Beyond the Surface 

However, it may not be something on the surface, but rather, something like emotional pain that stops you from hearing God’s word. This may be pain from broken relationships or feeling rejected, these emotions can unintentionally block the truth from being heard, which is God’s voice. 

On the other hand, an unrealistically low self-image can result in a difficulty hearing God’s acceptance and love. In these situations, I encourage you to spend time with someone who can clearly hear God’s voice and is able to decipher scriptures that deliver messages from God. Tuning in through someone who is capable of tuning into God’s word, hearing another’s perspective can help you to understand that God is about transforming your life: inspiring, motivating and encouraging greatness within you. However, this is only possible once you allow God to speak to you about who you are—He is the Father and wants to speak with you. Let Him speak to you.

Reflection Questions:

  • What would help you to sense God’s voice more often?
  • How would your life become impacted by hearing God’s word?
  • What would energise you to share with others when hearing God’s voice?

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