September 17, 2020

3 reasons to increase in understanding of emotional blind spots

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1. To see what you don’t see, and take actions you are not taking.

Do you set a regular time for self-reflection? It that time effective? You can see effectiveness in the action you take from the insights gained. (See my last two blogs.) This practice is one of the things that separate good from great leaders. You will see what others don’t see and do what others don’t do.

Are you growing in understanding of your emotional blind spots?
Is the physical effect of your hidden emotions more obvious?

Self-reflection has a bigger impact than just improving ourself. It also will result in growth in our key relationships and our relationship with God.

2. To see see burnout coming.

Do leaders see burnout coming? No! Those who experience burnout say “I didn’t see burnout coming”.

Dr. Matt Bloom from the Flourishing in Ministry Project, in his article ‘Burnout’ based on tens of thousands surveyed, says, “Pastors who were once vibrant and vital in their ministry find themselves exhausted, challenged to muster the motivation and energy for ministry work. Like the downpour, burnout usually creeps up on pastors. They never see it coming. These pastors find themselves suddenly and inexplicably sapped of energy and strength.”

3. To complete our mission and minimise harm on us and others.

The big reason for me to practise self-reflection and take action on the insights gained is that I want to complete my mission.
Also, I want to prevent the huge impact that burnout has on the people I love and the community I am part of.
The damage of burnout is considerable; relationships are impacted and some broken, sometimes moral failure is a consequence, and the financial cost is huge. At best, the process of recovery takes a long time, and at worst some people never make it back. The cost of burnout—emotionally, physically and financially—is too great to continue in blind oblivion.

Please listen to the admonition of scripture Prov 5:12 You will say, “How I hated discipline. If only I had not ignored all the warnings!” Too many have lost their honour and given the fruit of their labour to someone else to enjoy.

Who can help you build this skill?

Increasing the understanding of emotional blind spots is vital for the sustainability and longevity of Christian leadership. This task is huge.

An army of people equipped to help leaders grow the skill of self-reflection is needed. Are you willing to help others see? Let me know.

Pass this on to someone it will help.

Please help others by sharing your comments below.

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