September 8, 2020

A catalyst for change

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What does self-reflection give you access to?

The key to open the door of self-reflection is practice. What’s behind the door? Where does it take you? The practice of self-reflection builds self-awareness which then empowers you to take action on the insights you gain.

A catalyst for change

Self-reflection helps you see who you are i.e. become more self-aware (see blog, 3D View of Awareness). Not only does it help you recognise your behaviours and emotions, but also to observe your thought patterns and their corresponding impact. This in turn, helps clarify who you want to be. Clarity in values and aspirations based on a realistic view of current behaviours, thoughts and emotions is a catalyst for change.

This prompts the question, ‘What do I do with this understanding?’

For example, you become aware of your critical attitude toward a person.

Why am I critical? Here are some questions to ask.

It could be me?

Is the criticalness flowing from the emotional rubbish at the bottom of my empty emotional tank? If I am hurting or feeling bad about my performance, I will see others in that light.
Have I adequately communicated my needs and feelings?
Do they know how to do what is asked of them?

Is it them?

Is there cause to be critical?

Are they misbehaving?

What’s happening/happened for them that causes their behavior?

Frame the desired outcome

What do I want the relationships to be like?

How can I help that happen?

Sometimes, the emotions are big and we need someone to help us unpack them and plot a path forward. A great mentor will help you self-reflect, give you feedback to help you see what you don’t see and help you build ownership for change. Self-reflection is a catalyst for change.

What you focus on is where you will head.

Weekly self-reflection examines this alignment, reduces emotional blind spots and catalyses behaviour change. Ownership in the outcomes of life is clearly evident.

Reflection question: When is my weekly self-reflection time?

Here is a benchmark “Healthy Christian Leaders practise self-reflection.

The quality of your self-reflection is measured in the actions you are taking.

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