September 15, 2023

Church Mental Health Summit 2023!

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Dear readers,
I wanted to let you know about a free virtual training for ministry leaders this October called the
Church Mental Health Summit. It’s specifically for churches that want to learn more about
supporting mental health in their communities, and I’m excited to be part of it!
This 1-day virtual Summit on October 10 brings industry leaders, pastors, and clinicians from
around the globe together. Speakers offer practical and engaging sessions that will strengthen you as you support those struggling with mental health.

I would love to invite you to listen to my session, Beyond Burnout, the real problem and a path to health. This event will empower many churches, and I want yours to be included.

These are the details for the summit:
When: October 10, 2023
Where: Online
Cost: Free!

Registration: [Link]
When the church becomes empowered with God’s love to address the needs of a hurting world,
those who struggle will find true and lasting hope and healing.
The Summit is FREE for the day, but with over 50 speakers, there’s not enough time to catch
everything. I recommend the all-access pass ($79) to be able to reference over 13 hours of this
content beyond the one day.
I would love to share more, but I’ll let you check all the details yourself.
Register for your ticket to the Church Mental Health Summit HERE.

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Don Easton

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