August 24, 2023

How to Problem-Solve using Biblical Principles

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Mentors are constantly problem-solving. Inside and outside of sessions because we are trying to find new and better approaches to issues that arise, for our mentee and our relationships with them.

The difference that Chrisitan mentors have from other mentors is that our problem-solving is anchored in Jesus. Not only are we led by the Holy Spirit when confronting problems, but we also have the Scriptures to provide wisdom. The Bible is designed to offer inspiration and reminders that God is near and loves us all… and this is always applicable in moments of stress, anger or pain. 

I was speaking with a mentee who was grieving their recently deceased father but was having difficulty looking towards the future. All he could feel was the sadness and it was overshadowing everything else. 

I asked him, “What does the Bible say about grief?” 

He responded, “I don’t know… Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” 

I asked if he knew how he could use this advice in his life. 

“No, I just feel sad,” was his reply. 

So, we looked deeper into scripture. We know Jesus wept in times of grief. We have permission to grieve. It is okay and normal to feel sad. Faith tells us that this world is not the end and that life with him forever is possible. 

We can grieve with hope

This is a formula I use often in my sessions; we engage, we reflect and we apply what we have discussed. This can be applied to any challenge your mentee is facing; anger, judgment, conflict, anxiety or loving when it is difficult. 

Follow these steps on how to bring in Biblical principles: 

Engage: I engage my mentee by talking about their problem, like I engaged this man about his sadness over his father. This usually means asking questions and listening to the mentee explain the problem and associated feelings and reactions to it. 

Reflect: We then find a verse or Biblical principle that is relevant to the problem and reflect on how Jesus would use this principle. This is where we can help our mentees see what they have been missing in their lives, or in themselves. 

Apply: Finally, we brainstorm ways to apply this advice. 

Here are some reflection questions that can help you engage, reflect and apply with your mentees. 

  • What is going on in your life and how is that affecting you? 
  • Does this remind you of a story from the Bible? Can you think of a story that deals with this same problem? 
  • How does the Bible suggest you could handle this problem? 
  • What is Jesus telling you about handling this problem? 

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