April 20, 2020

3 Keys to thriving COVID-19

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3 more Gauges

Continuing on with Thriving through COVID-19, here are some more thoughts on paying attention to your gauges for well-being. Gauges help you know how you are doing, and reflecting on this allows you to make plans to replenish.
You are designed to make a difference. Running out of fuel or oil will stop you. Filling your tank gives you fuel to go the distance.
Three measurable indicators of burnout.
As I started to recover from burnout, I looked for measurable indicators of burnout as I realised it was possible to slip back there again. What would show me I was sliding towards burnout again? I looked for things that were not subjective, and could easily be seen. I found three; Insomnia, Palpations and Fatigue. Each of these is easy to chart. I score each out of 7, one for each day.


When burnout was at its peak, I had trouble sleeping 4-5 nights/week. My insomnia was severe and I needed someone to help me to get healthy, and so sleep better. Now, I find sleeping difficult about one night a week only except when pressures build. Then it may lift to three nights a week. Insomnia is not the problem but an indicator that something is not right. Charting this makes me aware and is the first step to making changes. Insomnia shows me that my emotional well-being is not good. Please see your GP if you are regularly having trouble sleeping.


Palpitations are where the heart races. My normal resting HR is 55. To my surprise I found during recovery from burnout, lying on my bed awake after an hour of trying to sleep, it would be 90+. I had no other heart issues and great blood pressure. Learning to breathe slow really helps and also to find out what is the undying anxiety, and getting some help to let them these anxieties go.


Fatigue is an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. Muscles ache and exerting energy causes pain. This tells me I need to rest, pause and replenish. See your GP if this persists. If it’s due to being emotionally empty, who can help you fill up again?

Three Keys to thriving

In charting, I made a surprising discovery. I discovered these three are keys to thriving. Not only are these warning lights, but also they are indicators of health. When I sleep well, I wake refreshed. My peaceful heart is free from stress and anxiety. I am not burning energy on dilemmas or psychological pressure. Free from fatigue, my capacity to exert is much greater.

Watching these three gauges and making changes will lift your well-being. Yes, change is possible. Who can help you make changes here?

These indicators show me when I need to make adjustments to my well-being. They help me make choices on what to say ‘no’ to and what to say ‘yes’ to.

Increased in the number of days a week of insomnia, fatigue and palpitations indicate to me, anxiety and stress are accumulating and I need to give attention to minimising emotional drain and refilling my well-being.

In my next blog, I talk about the deleters and replenishers of emotional energy.

Reflection Questions

  • How am I sleeping? What changes need to happen to be able to sleep better?
  • Do I experience palpations? Make a note of your resting heart rate and note your heart rate when you are feeling anxious.
  • Am I feeling fatigued? How can I restore energy?

Pass this on to some one it could help.

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