April 27, 2020

5 Things that give emotional buoyancy.

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How is your buoyancy?

Buoyancy is the ability to float. Also, it’s the cheerful and optimistic attitude or disposition. It’s your verve, your vim, your va-voom. In floating terms, there are two forces at play, weight that pulls down and buoyancy that is upthrust.

One of the 5 key gauges to keep watch on is your emotional well-being. This measure can be described interns of buoyancy like the ability to float when swimming. Here is a breakdown.

Boyancy Measures

10. In the boat, full of energy, actively rescuing others.

8. Confidently buoyant, and helping others to get their head above water.

6. My head is above water, but if someone grabbed me I would go under.

4. Just under the surface, a few kicks and I can get some air.

2. Sinking and can’t change direction.

0. Lost all air and strength.

After determining where I am on the chart emotionally, and being aware of the three physical signs of insomnia, palpitations, and fatigue, I look at buoyancy activities. My current circumstance does not determine my future. I have found five activities that give me an upward buoyancy thrust. These five lift my verve.

5 that lift my verve

Professional consultation

I score each of these for the number of days in the week I was active. So, for exercise, it’s how many days I have exercised. (My Fitbit Versa is a great help to record this). Exercise lifts endorphins and helps me feel positive.

Breathing, to my surprise, gives great uplift. It is deliberate—slow 5+ seconds in and 5+ seconds out. Breathing in and out is a time for experiencing God’s presence.

Ps 3:2 The Passion Translation says to “pause in his presence.” The Hebrew word is selah. My translation of this is, “Take a breath.” I start the day sitting in my favourite chair, deliberately taking slow breaths. It is God who gives me breath. His breath fills me. This gives me strength for the day. ALso, at the end of the day, and when I have trouble sleeping, I breathe slowly—breathing out the stress and inhaling His peace. As I cast all my cares upon him, anxiety goes.

Replenish things are activities that fill the tank. These will be different for different people. What fills your tank? For me, it’s time with my grandkids, a morning with my Adrienne, a ride on my Harley Davidson, woodworking, breakfast/dinner with friends (that will have to wait).

Fun times woodworking with Zander

Professional consultation is when I check in with my mentor who comes alongside and lifts my emotional well-being. He reaches in the water, so to speak, and gives me lift, helps me to find the surface, to recover my breath and buoyancy.

Walking 10,000+ steps is great for my emotional well-being. I leave the phone behind and listen to the sounds of life around me.

Tracking these is vital for me when I need to adjust to increase buoyancy.

Who can help you thrive?

May buoyancy be yours.

Coming next – depletion gauges.

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