October 6, 2022

Hello all, 

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Today I’m sharing some important and exciting news; we (myself and Adrienne) will be stepping down as Senior Ministers of C3 Church Robina in November this year. We have been preparing for this over the last 5 years in consultation with C3 Church leadership.

In consultation and with affirmation of C3 and our board, we are delighted to name Josh and Kate Easton as our successors. This is a progressive step in our vision’s fulfillment, in keeping with the need for inclusiveness, innovation and re-invention.

When we began C3Robina 31years ago, Josh was 8. We are both proud and delighted that he and Kate have accepted the appointment as Senior Ministers and firmly believe that it is God’s appointment and that the time is right.

Adrienne and I will remain part of the church, exercising our gifts, serving and ministering. We also will continue in the expanding ministry of VerveLead to develop and multiply quality mentors.

Thank you to all our followers at VerveLead. We look forward to working together in this next step in our lives; to continue supporting our C3Robina community and growing VerveLead into a thriving space for mentors from all walks of life to experience transformation. Change is exciting, beautiful, frightening and sad all at once, but ultimately, we are looking forward to what comes next! 

Blessings, Don

Ps. did you see that a free download of my new book, Burnout and Beyond is available until Friday, October 7, 2022, 11:59 PM PDT. Use this link to download now: Burnout and Beyond

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