September 30, 2022

Get Burnout and Beyond Free for five days!

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A free download of my book, Burnout and Beyond, is right around the corner; beginning Monday, October 3, 2022, 12:00 AM PDT through Friday, October 7, 2022, 11:59 PM PDT. This book shares my experience with burnout and details the dangers of burnout in leadership positions; specifically those in ministry. The goal of this book is to provide a way to gauge areas of your life in order to track patterns, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and best recover or prevent burnout. If the word FREE is not enough to excite you, then read on to hear the words of other readers in the field: 

“Don has written with honesty, courage and humility, addressing the issue of emotional depletion and burnout at a time when pastors are being affected in unprecedented numbers…I highly recommend this excellent book.”

  • Dr Keith Farmer

Mentor, Principal Emeritus, Australian College of Ministries. Doctor of Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary.

“I’d recommend that every Christian leader, whether currently on the path to burnout or not, read this book. It will help them maintain health, replenish their energy when needed, and reduce the stigma around burnout so they and others are attuned to the signs and can help guide others on the path to healing and replenishment.”

  • Dr Robert E. Logan

Author of An Undivided Heart and The Leadership Difference

“Every phase of dealing with burnout is addressed here: prevention, assessment, immediate and medium-term responses, recovery and rebuilding. Particularly helpful is his section on creating gauges to track signs relevant to the onset and recovery from burnout… I highly recommend it for vital awareness of an issue that urgently needs to be better understood.”

Dr Rick Lewis

Author of Mentoring Matters, Chair of Australian Christian Mentoring Network,

Founder of Anamcara Consulting

“Don’s book helps us understand the problem and gives pathways to recover and thrive again.”

  • Ps Dr Phil Pringle AOM

Global President C3 Church

“Don writes to all situations, having read and studied widely, and not that of his profession only. As you read, I’m sure you’ll be confronted, challenged and thereby changed – hopefully.

I unreservedly recommend Dr Don Easton’s story to you.”

  • Simon McIntyre

C3 Church Global Team; Americas

“In this excellent book, Don shares his own story with great courage and vulnerability, offering us much-needed wisdom and many practical insights for staying healthy over the long haul.”

  • Dr Mark Conner

Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach 

“All professionals in ministry will benefit from engaging with Don and his work.”

  • Rees Davis

Executive Principal, King’s Christian College

“This book outlines clearly the deep causes of burnout and its symptoms. It also gives real tools for evaluating your emotional health and well-being and outlines some very sound and practical steps for a holistic approach to recovery. ”

  • Ps Wayne Peat 

Coordinator C3 Pacific Pastor’s Support 

“In all my years of ministry, I’m not sure I can recall a time when I sensed that so many leaders/ministers were feeling weary, under pressure and certainly a lot less motivated than they would hope to be. So, to say that Don’s book is timely is an understatement. 

I encourage leaders to read this inspirational story of truth, hope, recovery–and above all the grace of our wonderful God.”

  • Rev Dr Graham Humphris

Chairperson Generate Presbytery UCASA

“It is a must-read for anyone living with high demands.”

  • John Finkelde

Founder, Grow a Healthy Church

“I highly recommend this book to anyone experiencing burnout and also to leaders, family, professionals and associates in order to gain a greater understanding of burnout and the way forward to healing and wholeness.”

  • Dr Gordon Moore

Emeritus Senior Minister, C3 Lighthouse Bridgeman Downs

“This would be one of the clearest and most succinct helps you could get

your hands on!”

  • Steve & Lizby Warren


Senior Pastors – C3 Imagine, Regional Director – C3 Europe

Make sure to put it on your calendar and spread the word to any friends or associates you feel this book could benefit.  If you’d like to support us further, leave a review on Amazon for Burnout and Beyond or donate to support our research and development here at Verve Lead.

Please use this link to get your copy:

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