May 13, 2021

Three voices that define purpose

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

One benchmark of a healthy Christian leader is that he or she lives with purpose.

We all have a big assignment in our lives; something we feel called to do or be. Sometimes, it can take us a while to figure it out, and sometimes, it changes as we grow. The goal of the big assignment can keep us on track, focused and thinking ahead.

So, how do I work out what my assignment is? I like to listen to what I call the “Three Voices” when I am doubting my purpose or uncertain in my assignment.

What is God saying to me?

The first voice is heard internally… What is God saying to me? I usually do this by reading scripture, listening, feeling for impressions on my heart, and that inward revelation that I have been spoken to. For me, I first heard this voice as a young man, and then I knew that I wanted to spend my life both experiencing God for myself and reassuring others that God desires for them to know freedom from guilt and anxiety. I wanted others to experience what I experienced. I found that this was my assignment. It changed my entire perspective. I went from feeling alone to feeling included, from being lost to having a pathway to a destination.

What is my fruit?

The second voice comes from the fruits of your labour. As you work on your assignment, at some point (it can take a while, so be patient!) you should see some success… maybe not always in the conventional sense, but there should be signs that you are doing what you are meant to be doing. It took me years to see fruit. I wanted my friends to know God, but all I could do was lead them to people and an environment where they might experience him. I couldn’t really help. However, after a few years, I discovered the power of the Holy Spirit and people just started to come to Jesus. It was confirmation that I was pursuing the right assignment.

What are others saying?

The final voice is the affirmation of others. Even if we don’t see our own fruits, the voice of someone we trust telling us that we are on the right path and doing well will confirm our assignment. For me, once it became obvious that lives were being transformed, others also began to recognize that this was my purpose.

These are all important. We’ve all met people with their own personal, self-appointed assignment, but with no fruits or affirmation, and we recognise that this isn’t the right assignment for them. Perhaps we’ve even been that person. If that is the case, spend time with God and he will make your assignment clear.

Reflection Questions:

  • What is God telling you about your assignment?
  • What’s happening in your life–is there fruitfulness here?
  • What are the trusted voices of others telling you?

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