March 3, 2022

Non-Negotiables for a Christian Mentor: Mature Discipleship  

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Introduction to Our New Series

Here at Verve Lead, we are excited to be starting a new series exploring the profile of a healthy  Christian well-being mentor. I have spent the last several months collaborating with exceptional partners. The profile of a healthy Christian Mentor that we will be looking at was researched and developed by longtime friends of Verve lead; Dr. Charles R. Ridley (Chuck), Marcy Bradford, and Dr. Robert E. Logan (Bob). We asked, “How can we develop quality mentors who are equipped to walk alongside these leaders?” 

In order to find out, Chuck and Marcy interviewed the top well-being mentors in Australia (Keith Farmer, Rick Lewis, Tim Hanna and myself) and performed a job factor analysis. Subsequently, we identified the behavioural qualities and expressions that are essential to successfully raise the vitality and sustainability of Christian mentors. 

This profile is centered around living a holistically healthy life and pursuing growth through regular self-assessment. Therefore, will be spending the next few weeks diving into what a healthy leader and mentor looks like and how you can use this profile to grow! 

How do we grow in maturity? 

To be influencing and mentoring others is an incredible honor and involves responsibility for those in our community; to live a healthy life. Consequently, there are three non-negotiable, foundational personal qualities needed for a Christian mentor: mature discipleship, seasoned Christian leadership and a healthy lifestyle. Today, we explore the first of these three. 

What is the key to becoming a “mature” mentor? Well, like fine wine and cheese, the main ingredient is time. There are some things we can’t rush: with time comes natural experience, you will discover your own strengths and weaknesses, you will witness and participate in flawed plans, you will learn what works and what doesn’t. 

However, time isn’t the only element in maturity: you still must be intentional with that time. For this reason, we have put together this profile of a mature mentor. 

Mature Disciple: Committed to being transformed into the image of Christ and obedience to the Greatest Commandments and the Great Commission. 

  • Loves God with wholehearted intentionality 
  • Leans into humility and adopts a posture of learning 
  • Applies scripture to daily life 
  • Believes in the power of prayer 
  • Gives time, treasure, and talent generously 
  • Fosters relationships with people who don’t yet know Christ 
  • Makes disciples who make disciples 

For a transformation to occur, ask yourself these difficult questions, 

– Where do I need the transforming power of God? 

– If I don’t know where, why not and who can help me begin my transformation? 

Whether you are just now considering mentoring as a next step, or whether you have been a successful leader and mentor in your community for decades, the main question is, “Am I still growing?” Maturity is not an end-goal because there is no end! There is always more to learn, always more ways to transform.

Who can help your professional development? Mentoring and professional supervision is a key element to ongoing growth. Can we help you find a mentor/professional supervisor?

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