February 28, 2024

The Key to Sustainability 

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Do you have a passion for lifting others? Are you a leader in the community, working in a caring profession? Maybe you’re an upcoming mentor or professional supervisor, and Verve Lead wants to help you take the first step!

Mentoring and supervising can change your life and others’ lives. Most people in leadership positions struggle with creating a sustainable lifestyle with a job that requires so much care, time and effort. They often face anxiety, depression or burnout. Do you want to help others to find a healthy life balance? To revive their passion and to live their best professional and personal lives. 

Peter Morton found himself weary and burnt out. He turned to Verve and is sharing his testimony today. “I benefited so much from it this year, and I know that I am in such a different place,” he says of his experience with the Verve Lead supervision program. 

Watch Peter’s 2-minute testimony here: 

If you want to get involved in supervision/mentoring yourself, check out our Cohort for Supervision/Mentoring Essentials sessions and register your interest for the information session on Pacific Time March 6 at 4:30 pm,  Australian Eastern Standard Time  March 7 at  9:30 am, NZT March 7 at 12:30 pm. 

Additionally, the Mentoring Essentials Track combines one-on-one mentoring, webinar cohorts and practice pods. Five individual sessions are dedicated to you forming a vision for health for yourself and your mentees and strengthening areas that your Christian Mentor Assessment targeted as development areas.

So, register your interest at 

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