September 5, 2019

Alignment of values builds relationships

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Values and relationships

Discovering what you value and believe will have an impact on your relationships.

If you are are a single person, it will help you to know with whom to build connections and what importance you place on existing connections. If you are in a relationship, it will help you understand how to strengthen your relationship. Adrienne and I found that chatting about what we believe and value brings us close together. We get alignment and are able to make choices that strengthen our relationship and also give focussed direction. This could be a conversation for a date night. The clarity you gain here brings you vitality.

Gaining Clarity

Getting clarity on your values and beliefs will put energy into your spirit. The next thing to do with these is to look at your week’s activities and goals. You live a life on purpose when your gifts match your aspirations. Now let’s take a deeper dive on your aspirations. Look over your week’s activities and give yourself a tick where you see your values line up with your actions. Does who’s the important rate in your week? If friendships are important, what time have you given to strengthening them? Knowing why you do what you do gives you vitality.

Mealtimes – refuelling or relationship building time.

One observation you will make is that meals will take on much more significance. They were never designed to be solely for function, ie the purpose of refuelling the body for nutrients, but are time for doing life together. My tip, put phones on ‘do not disturb’ and out of reach from the table. Turn the TV off!

Are you present when you are present?

Did you hear about the 10yo who said, “My turn to say grace.”
She started with, “Be present at my table, Dad,” changing the words from “Be present at my table, Lord.” The embarrassed dad sheepishly put his phone back in his pocket. Moments later, it vibrated….…
Show that you value the people you are eating with by tending to your communications with others later. If the purpose of eating together is relationship building, then the time together is more important than what is served. It’s not about the cost of the meal, but the quality of the connections.
Meal preparation, eating together and cleaning up together are times for valuing one another.

*Thriving is one of the four building blocks of flourishing see Dr Matt Bloom lead researcher FlM project at University of Notre Dame //

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