October 27, 2022

Professional Supervision: the Sessions

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In my last blog, we looked at the value of an independent professional supervisor. We also provided a description of professional supervision. This blog will focus on what is likely to take place when you engage in a professional supervision session. 

The First Session

During the first session, there will be a discussion around what outcomes you would like from your supervision sessions, and how regularly you would like to meet. There could be discussion around goals, areas that you may or may not want to focus on, the supervisor may discuss their style of supervision with you and outline confidentiality and the code of conduct they abide by. The gathering of all this information is called contracting and is usually written up as the basis of the supervision sessions going forward. Most recommendations are that supervision sessions take place every 6 to 8 weeks.

An outline of a regular session.

1. The session usually starts with a quick review from the previous session.

2. The session will then focus on what you would like to discuss. It is likely the supervisor will clarify and ask for your affirmation that this is the area you would like to focus on?

3. The main section of the session is exploring how this area influences you, the people you work with and the wider community you are in.

4. The session then will move into a space that brings clarity and ultimately focus on actions to take away.

5. The session generally finishes with a review of what has been discussed. 

Refreshingly independent

Encompassing this basic structure is the Christian care and concern of a professional supervisor who has been trained specifically from a pastoral perspective and has had extensive Christian leadership experience.

This creates a space removed from your usual accountability structure, that is confidential and refreshingly independent. The relationship has a basis in mutual Christian leadership experience and reflects Christian spirituality.

Areas discussed 

Areas often discussed are leadership team challenges, how to have challenging conversations, self-care strategies, conflicting priorities eg. church governance vs church ministry, and personal challenges like weariness and burnout.

Recently, I received this feedback from a pastor after a professional supervision session. 

“Some of your insights around the community were really inspired, given my meeting last night with our leadership team”.

If you are interested in pursuing Professional Supervision with one of our team, please express your interest with this link.


Can we help you engage in professional supervision? – link to contact us page

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