May 3, 2024

We Have a Big Announcement!

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I am so excited to share this news… My new book, Creating a Vision for Health, is published! I’ve spent the last several years reflecting on well-being and exploring what health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) can look like for Christian leaders. My thoughts have finally come together in this book as I explore the five competencies essential to leadership: Vital Spirituality, Thriving Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, Sustainable Life and Reduced Risk, and the behaviours associated with each competency. I have also provided access to useful tools such as Verve Lead’s Well-Being Gauges, Well-Being Q Health Profile and the Mentor Q 360 Assessment.

This book is a valuable tool for anyone who has experienced burnout, is seeking to recover from burnout, or simply wants to live a more balanced and holistic life as a leader. It is also useful for leaders who wish to help those around them build a clearer vision of health. 

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

  • “Creating a Vision of Health is jam-packed with practical tools for application. Not only can the online survey he developed be taken to capture where a leader is on the burnout scale at any point in time, but he has also thoughtfully included reflection questions to help people process their assessment results effectively and identify a personalised growth plan tailored uniquely to where that person is at that moment.”

  Dr Robert E. Logan. (Bob)

Author: The Discipleship Difference, Amazon, 2016

  • “Dr. Don Easton has written an indispensable field manual for ministry leaders. Creating a Vision for Health is a premium and practical guide to help you develop competencies needed to be a healthy Christian leader.”

Dr. Wes Beavis

Clinical Psychologist, Newport Beach, California

Author: Let’s Talk about Ministry Burnout, Powerborn, 2019

  • “These pages are packed with practical insights, reflective questions, and helpful resources. Don describes five ‘gauges’ of concrete behavioural expressions which give a snapshot of what is currently going on inside a leader.”

Dr Mark Fields

Director of Global & Intercultural Ministry, Vineyard USA Retired

  • “Ministry leaders who read and implement the wisdom that Easton shares will be more encouraged, more aware of themselves and others, and more effective in their leadership.”

Rev. Dr. Thad Austin

Executive Director of the Common Table Collaborative for

Clergy and Congregational Well-Being.

Author: Caring for Clergy, Cascade Books, 2022

  • “(This book) is a reminder of the importance of health and well-being, and also gives valuable tools to be intentional about building a sustainable life… The excellent reflective questions throughout the book are challenging and thought-provoking. I’m sure this book will be a valuable resource for many.”

Ps Susan Marcuccio

President, Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS)

National Supervision and Mentoring Director, Chaplaincy Australia

Author: New Perspectives in Supervision, Perspective Supervision, 2022

  • “Being a healthy leader is not something we stumble upon, but listening to the wise and godly experience of others can assist us enormously to not fall into the traps so common in passionate and driven people. This book is an excellent signpost to effective, healthy and sustainable leadership; mix it with intention and discipline and you have a way forward.”

Simon McIntyre

C3 Church Global Team

Author: Joshua – Lessons in the Wilderness, Amazon, 2023

  • “This book is not just for those who have faced the ‘edge’, but for those who want to live with a healthy mind, soul and rhythm—for leaders and people who want to know how to thrive under pressures.”

Steve and Lizby Warren

C3 Church Europe Directors

Author: Devoted, Amazon, 2023

  • “Taking five key competencies of a healthy leader, Easton has given a vision of what a healthy leader looks like. This is no theoretical work. Hammered out on the anvil of many years of pastoral leadership, he provides not only warning signs, but just as importantly, rich descriptions of where leaders can realistically be.”

Dr Bruce G Allder,

Asia Pacific Region Education Coordinator, Church of the Nazarene

Senior Lecturer Pastoral Theology and Ministry,

Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane, Australia.

Order your Kindle or Paperback here 



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