February 27, 2020

Where is God in your life?

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Cultivating a high awareness of God’s interaction with daily life

Burnout affects relationships.
Relationships are effected through feeling high detachment. Feelings of high depletion and low satisfaction with life and work compound this.

I am so grateful for the key relationships of family and friends that were endured through the difficult and dark time of burnout. Thank you! My wife loved me through this and didn’t take my sickness personally. My children robustly hung on to our connection. If someone in your world is going through burnout hand on tightly to them.

Given the nature of the components of burnout, it is little surprise that connection with God is also highly impacted. High depletion, high detachment and low satisfaction also make us feel detached from God and want to avoid times of connection. I write to tell you that even if you feel distance He will still hang onto you.

The numbness I felt, and the feeling of disconnection from God made it difficult to experience his presence. If you had asked me to say where I had seen God at work, the list would have been short and not recent. It was like He used to be in my life and now it was difficult to feel His presence.

As I rested in recovery, I began to see God’s presence with me. I began to see that my value is not in what I do but who I am. My family didn’t discard me but loved me through my sickness. I experienced God’s love through them. Consequently, I saw a growth in connections with people as my connection with God grew.

Who/What can help you see where he is at work?

My mentor would ask me “How is your relationship with God? Tell me about what is happening?” He was not looking for frequency or time spent but rather how vital and real it was. So helpful. He helped me see God’s presence and His intervention in conversations, thoughts and life outcomes. Mentoring builds reflection ability. Where has God been at work in your life? Where is he at work? Can you note many times in the week when you experience God’s intervention in conversation, thoughts, and outcomes?

Each week I review the past week engagements and activities, asking “where did I experience the presence of God?” This helps me build the muscle of reflection. I created a template in EverNote, with the following questions:
Where did I experience the presence of God, Where was it hard going? How is my emotional tank? Where was I; critical in conversation, withdrawn? And lists the days, Monday to Sunday.

I prepare a note in my reflections folder, enter known appointments, responsibilities, and then when the week is done, spend time reflecting.

Praying that your relationship with God is getting stronger and full of life.

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