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Burnout is a growing threat to derail leaders as they pursue their calling. Leaders who regularly assess themselves for holistic health and wellbeing can develop and implement personal growth strategies. Dr. Don Easton developed the Healthy Christian Leader Assessment to help evaluate the holistic health of Christian leaders and pinpoint strengths and areas for development in overall wellbeing. 

Mentoring that is focused on the health and wellbeing of the Christian leader assures commitment, accountability, and encouragement that results in increased vitality and resilience. But not all mentoring is the same. How can we develop quality mentors who are equipped to walk alongside these leaders? 

To find out, we interviewed the top Wellbeing Mentors in Australia and performed a job factor analysis. We identified the behavioural qualities and expressions that are essential to successfully raise the vitality and sustainability of Christian leaders. 

This document is a profile for the selection, training, and evaluation of Christian leaders who mentor other leaders. A key question underpins the use of the profile. How does the mentor best help mentees grow and mature holistically in their own Christian leadership? The mentor uses the assessment and mentoring process to help mentees gain an understanding of themselves within the context of their life and ministry circumstances. Therefore, the mentoring process digs deeper to help mentees gain such an understanding and grow in their overall wellbeing. The goal is for mentees to become more Christlike, cultivating healthy dynamics in relationships, life, and ministry as they pursue what God has called them to do. 

Two defining features help clarify the purpose and usage of the profile. First, the profile serves a specific purpose: the wellbeing mentoring of Christian leaders. There are many types of Christian mentoring and coaching for which the profile does not serve. Second, the focus of mentoring is on the personhood of mentees in contrast to what they do. Obviously, we should expect that as mentees grow and develop through the mentoring process notably improvements will occur in their leadership. 

This profile was researched and developed by Dr. Charles R. Ridley, Marcy Bradford, and Dr. Robert E. Logan.